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Unlock local creative talent with CREATE Solent

Businesses and organisations are invited to tap into the wealth of creative talent in the Solent region through the CREATE Solent platform. With over 100 organisations and individuals already on board, CREATE Solent is primed to connect businesses and organisations with local creative professionals, fostering collaboration and promoting prosperity within the sector. 

CREATE Solent is the first regional collective from CREATE Britain, a national organisation that brings together and promotes British design and creativity. 

Launched by Solent Partners, CREATE Solent is a platform that not only creates exciting opportunities for local creatives and graduates but also provides a streamlined avenue for businesses across industries to discover and engage with regional creative talent across a vast range of specialisms from marketeers, graphic designers and photographers, to textile specialists, artists and animators with the ability to sample their portfolios online.

CREATE Solent is a single access point for creative industries which provide an easily accessible route for buyers and new commissions to access information about the best creative professionals in the region.

Richard Woods, Co-founder of CREATE Britain, said: “It’s fantastic to see the take-up among local creatives in the Solent region at this exciting time for CREATE Britain, when we’re getting the attention of industry leaders and national government.

“With national funding confirmed from Innovate UK, we’ll be super-charging CREATE Britain’s search capability, bringing together creatives and organisations looking for creative skills and talent, helping to release more of the creative sector’s untapped potential.”

Solent Partners Chair, Rachael Randall, said: “CREATE Solent is a wonderful opportunity for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and organisations in our region. We wholeheartedly encourage you to join this exciting initiative. There is no cost to individuals to set up their profile as a creative, and, as an organisation tapping into this talent, buying local and supporting your local creatives will enrich the local community and environment.

“By signing up for CREATE Solent, you not only gain access to the wealth of regional talent, but also become a vital part of our mission to foster future economic growth within the creative industry.”

CREATE Solent will play an important role in Britain’s place-making and levelling-up drive, showcasing the region’s specialisms, culture and heritage to enrich the UK’s Creative Industry sector.

The Solent has 16,000 creative industry students at universities in Southampton and Portsmouth, making it the fourth largest area for creative studies in the UK. The Solent region is recognised as a Creative Industries Growth Cluster, with 4,500 creative businesses and 40,000 related jobs, generating £1.5bn GVA per annum.

Solent Partners, supported by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, is the new, re-energised partnership that will bring local industry, academic and civic leaders together in the Solent. Harnessing the past successes as the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Solent Partners aim is to provide what’s needed to deliver the kind of prosperity, profitability, and sustainability that’s only possible when energised leaders come together.

Find out more about CREATE Solent here.

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