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Expert mentoring offer for local businesses

‘Don’t miss out on free business mentoring’ is the call from Solent Partners to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Solent region looking to develop sustained growth and business resilience.

Following the success of the Solent Business Mentoring Programme last year, Solent Partners is offering 15 more local businesses in the Creative, Tech, Visitor Economy, Manufacturing sectors, and those looking to achieve Net Zero, a valuable opportunity to develop their skills.

Emma May, Creative Director of Emmerse Studios, was delighted with her experience working with a creative mentor. She said: “It helped to have a second pair of eyes and ears on all the workings of business and especially those blind spots.

“What we were able to progress with through 12 hours of mentoring has helped me to change perspectives and act in areas I probably wouldn’t have if I was working alone.

“It’s also been beneficial learning from someone who understands what a creative business goes through, and hone in on key areas of growth, with positive results.

“The mentoring provided a sounding board and a sense of grounding when it came to new and exciting ideas and how they could be implemented now and in the future.”

Participants receive 12 hours of one-to-one tailored support and are matched with a business expert who has experience in their specific industry. Each session focuses on the business’ goals and objectives, helping them to tackle barriers to growth, launch products, lead successful teams, or create strategies to enter new markets.

Solent Partners Chair, Rachael Randall said: “Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to gain valuable mentoring guidance from mentors who have expertise in your business sector and a desire to help you succeed.

“There are many benefits from taking part – around 70% who have received mentoring survive over five years, twice the rate of those who don’t have mentors. In addition, 92% of business owners who have worked with a mentor found that it directly impacted the growth and survival of their business.

Rachael added: “Our mentoring programme was so popular last year, that we have expanded the offering to include more areas of business. This will not only benefit the SMEs taking part, but it will also help our communities to flourish.

“It’s a great opportunity for business owners to strengthen their personal skills and increase the resilience of their businesses.”

Find out more and apply to take part on our Business Support mentoring page.

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