Free training course to address Island’s care sector skills shortage

A free 10-week training course is set to arrive at the Isle of Wight College, offering Island care workers a dynamic opportunity to tackle the region’s skill shortages head-on while boosting their skillset.

The Skills Bootcamps being run by Solent Partners, is available for those aged over 19 who would like to enhance their knowledge in Health and Social Care, with the aim for students to achieve a Skills for Care Certificate, based on 15 standards.

Dubbed “dynamic” and “trailblazing” by the College, the fully funded initiative will offer practical learning in both a classroom setting and online. Course attendees will also receive interview and CV support, and interviews with local employers will be arranged at the end of the course.

Nurse Camelia Moise Gogoasa, who delivers the course, said: “This course is essential for those unemployed, anyone new to the care industry or those looking to enhance their current skills. It offers valuable mentorship from experienced professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise.

Nurse Camelia Moise Gogoasa, who delivers the course at the Isle of Wight College
Nurse Camelia Moise Gogoasa, who delivers the course at the Isle of Wight College

“Participants will gain practical, hands-on experience and develop a deeper understanding of the care sector, boosting their confidence and opening up new career opportunities. It’s a fantastic way to build on your transferrable skills and reshape them.”

She added: “For employers, this course is an excellent opportunity to recruit and train more healthcare workers, ensuring staff are well-equipped to progress within the company and fill vacant posts. Plus, for existing employees, it’s a fantastic way to enhance their current skillset in order to move up the career ladder. By participating, employers can help shape and influence care-related skills bootcamps to meet the growing demands of the industry.”

“The Isle of Wight College Bootcamp is perfect if you prefer hands-on learning with a mix of classroom and online sessions, plus it comes with excellent career support,” said Camelia,

Solent Partners Chair, Rachael Randall, said: “The UK is facing a significant shortage of skilled care workers, with an estimated 500,000 additional workers needed by 2030 to meet the demands of an aging population. Now is the ideal time to pursue a career in the care sector, where job security and opportunities for advancement are abundant.

“These care-related Skills Bootcamps offer adults an incredible chance to gain essential skills in the sector. The hands-on training and theoretical knowledge provided will empower carers to make a real difference in their communities.”

  • The Isle of Wight College Health & Social Care Skills for Adults Bootcamp has a rolling enrolment process for applicants.
  • An additional Care Skills Bootcamp being run for those based anywhere in the Solent region by Fareport Training is starting on 16 July 2024.
  • To apply for either of these courses, or to see the full suite of Skills Bootcamps available, please visit our Skills Bootcamps page.

Watch the full interview with Camelia here

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