Immersive Experience Day at Balfour Beatty.

Employers as volunteers, supporting Careers Education

For employers, working with the education sector is a vitally important way to support young people in finding their best next step. It is also a way for business to connect with the next generation and play an active role in helping shape the skills of tomorrow’s workforce. Employers provide high quality engagement for careers leaders in schools and colleges, providing the most impactful careers education for young people. 

Benefits of Career Education for Young People
Career education supports students to evaluate and aspire towards potential career paths within the Solent. It relies upon employers investing their time to support a young person’s journey into training and employment.

Advantages for young people receiving careers education include:

• Improving readiness for work
• Adjusting academic focus
• Raising aspirations
• Increasing awareness of career opportunities and specific industries

Employers as volunteers
The benefits for employers who take part in careers education are countless and allows them to improve their knowledge of the region’s education landscape, to raise awareness of their business within their locality, and to build professional networks and contacts.

Employers’ corporate social responsibility is greatly improved, ensuring that they ‘give back’ to their local community. In addition they invest in the talent pipeline, thereby future proofing their business, as well as engaging in opportunities to further professional development opportunities for their staff.

If you are looking for opportunities to engage with schools, colleges and young people, please complete the form on the right of this page to express your interest.

Cornerstone Employers

Working with our Careers Hub team, Cornerstone Employers build on their existing commitment to support young people by working with a small number of like-minded local businesses to ensure young people have access to the career opportunities they need and help to develop the future talent pipeline.

Enterprise Advisers

Enterprise advisers (EAs) are matched with a school or college to develop and implement an effective careers strategy that brings industry insights into the heart of careers education, by drawing on their own business experiences.

Immersive Experience Days

An immersive experience day is a fantastic opportunity to open your workplace to young people. This is a chance to immerse your future workforce into your business and inspire them to explore a career in your industry.

Give An Hour/Careers Activities

There are lots of different ways that employers can offer support to schools and colleges, as a one-off for an hour, or on a more regular basis.

Tech talk volunteers

Want to share your technical and digital skills with Solent-based schoolchildren? Show them how to get into the industry and the type of jobs and careers that are available across the region.

Coding Days
help adults and children learn and share digital skills

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