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The Solent Careers Hub are passionate about bring parents and careers into the development of careers education for your young people. We are here to support you to support your young person in their education and career journey. 

Parents and carers have a huge role in influencing the future direction their young person takes, and their life outcomes. It is important that each unique young person is guided through this process in a way that allows them to make informed choices and feel supported throughout.

For this reason, guiding parents to help their young people in terms of subject options, where to study next and future career choices could not be more vital.

Understanding your young person’s career journey

Every young person is unique, and so is there journey through school, further education and taking that all-important first step into the world of work. This is what tends to happen in schools as they go through the process:

  • Year 7 & 8 – In these years, schools will provide an introduction to careers and support young people to consider a wide range of future opportunities. Some schools like students to choose their GCSE options in Year 8 (see below). 
  • Year 9 – In this year, students will be asked to choose their GCSE options. These options can help a student with progression to college or training beyond Year 11.  
  • Year 10 – For many schools, Year 10 is the perfect time for students to complete a work experience placement and start to explore career options that interest them.  
  • Year 11 – This year is important for students to choose their post-16 options for when they leave school. Students will have the choice to progress onto A-Levels, T-Levels, Vocational Courses, or Apprenticeships. This is a great year to explore local Further Education Colleges, Sixth Forms, and Independent Training Providers. 

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