Solent Partners aspires to be a nationally leading, industry-led partnership, promoting the collective prosperity & sustainability of the Solent economy

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Business Support

Solent Partners provides a suite of resources and programmes designed to help businesses in the Solent to grow, evolve and succeed.

Careers & Skills

The Solent Careers Hub brings together schools, colleges, and apprenticeship providers in the Solent, and facilitating partnerships with employers committed to improving careers across the region.


Trade & Investment

The Solent is an ever-growing economic hub of innovation and collaboration against a beautiful marine backdrop. We are heavily involved in various trade and investment initiatives and have big plans for the area.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships are our strength and these collaborations have helped us grow and empower our members. Discover how we can help your business.

Our companies

Skills Bootcamps

Opportunities to upskill and retrain with flexible 16-week courses for adults aged 19 or over


Solent 2050
Solent 2050 is the economic strategy for the Solent area that focuses on what makes us distinctive from other areas and how we can bring that forward to the future.
Business Support

Solent Partners provides a single point of access to a suite of resources designed to help businesses in the Solent, including the the Solent Growth Hub, to grow, evolve and succeed. Find out more.

Careers & Skills

The Solent Careers Hub is part of a national Hub network supported by the Careers and Enterprise company which strengthens the relationship between education and business to ensure the Solent has the future skilled workforce it needs to support a growing economy

Solent Innovation Network

Innovation drives success, as does collaboration. Discover the Solent Innovation Network and how we help drive original thinking and creativity in the Solent area.

Maritime UK Solent

Maritime UK Solent provides a voice for Maritime sector businesses in the Solent, helping drive change and innovation to push the sector forward.

The Solent Cluster

The Solent Cluster partnership represents an incredible opportunity for local communities and the region to effect real change in sustainable energy production and consumption. Learn more.

The Solent

Distinct and dynamic, the Solent is a vitalizing gateway to productivity – and Solent Partners is intently focused on empowering a more prosperous and sustainable future for our region.

At Solent Partners, we want the Solent area to be the globally leading maritime cluster in the UK, and with this comes the nurturing of trade and the resulting empowerment of our local economy.

Who we are

Solent Partners, building on the work of Solent LEP, plays a critical role within the region, convening local partnerships between businesses, local authorities and academia to determine priorities and grow the economic power of the area.

We are committed to promoting sustainable economic growth to champion our region and ensure our communities can prosper, and have launched an ambitious strategy for the region called Solent2050. Building on strong foundations, proven resilience and unique strengths, our innovative Solent 2050 Strategy will shape the future of our region for the next generation and inspire the Solent to reach its full potential.

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