Solent 2050

Solent 2050 is the long-term strategy that guides all of our work at Solent Partners and it is an initiative guided towards increasing regional productivity and ensuring that sustainability remains a focus.

Essentially, Solent 2050 is geared towards economic prosperity for the region, which will allow the creation of more opportunities for everyone.

Solent 2050 is the plan that aligns our members, and invigorates us to make the most of our region’s strengths. The Solent is a vibrant hub of economic activity and we want to make sure everything is in place to increase this even more as we progress through the decade.

At Solent Partners, we know we can resource and deliver an ambitious, innovative local economy, while at the same time driving a green recovery. It could not be more important to incite growth and prosperity, while protecting the beautiful world we have the privilege to enjoy.

It’s vital that we protect our region’s natural capital and Solent 2050 is the strategy that incorporates everything necessary to help us all prosper in a more sustainable world.

Our Corporate Plan details everything Solent Partners is looking to achieve in both the short and the long term to achieve the aims set out as part of Solent 2050. We have attached this here for your perusal. Please do contact us if you have any questions on this or anything to do with our Solent 2050 strategy.

What do we want Solent 2050 to achieve?

Our aims for Solent 2050 are simple:

  • We want the Solent to be the globally leading maritime cluster in the UK.
  • We want to be at the forefront of powerful innovation that’s focused on climate change.
  • We want to nurture trade in towns and cities that are fantastic places to live in.
  • Lastly, we want to expose the exciting opportunities that make the Solent such a success

At Solent Partners, We want to build and grow a world-leading, innovative, low-carbon economy through the implementation of this strategy.

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