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Read our strategies and economic assessments which underpin our long-term economic strategy, Solent 2050, and inform future funding and investment opportunities

Solent Cultural Plan

31 January 2024

Insights Report – January 2024


Low Carbon Skills Report

01 April 2023

Solent LEP Low Carbon Skills Report – April 2023


Solent Skills Action Plan & Local Skills

17 February 2023

This is a revised and updated version of our Solent Local Skills Report and Skills Action Plan.

2022 Report


Natural Capital Assessment of the New Forest

12 November 2021

Read through our findings on the natural capital of the New Forest including climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, ecosystems, and water and marine resources.


Ten Point Plan for Building Back Greener

20 October 2021

Read through our Ten Point Plan for Building Back Greener in the Solent.


Havant Infrastructure Plan

16 June 2021

An investigation into the key deliverable economic infrastructure investments required to support and stimulate sustainable economic growth in Havant.


Economic Contribution of the Maritime Sector in the Solent

09 January 2020

The report looks to quantify the economic contribution of the Maritime Sector and Portsmouth Naval Base within the Solent LEP region.


Solent Economic Profile

19 July 2019

The Solent Economic Profile analyses and presents a range of demographic, employment, business and labour market characteristics for the Solent-wide area, and in doing so identifies the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges to future economic growth.


Full report

Gosport Infrastructure Plan

01 March 2019

An investigation into the release of substantial land for development at the entrance to one of the most famous natural harbours in the world.

2019 Investment Plan

Executive summary

Isle of Wight Infrastructure Investment Plan

30 May 2018

An investigation into the future infrastructure needs of the Isle of Wight across a range of economic infrastructure categories.


The economic role and contributions of the maritime sector in the Solent LEP area

04 May 2018

A report for the Solent LEP and Maritime UK – Published May 2018


Economic impact of the Solent Area Universities

07 March 2018

Corporate Plan

At Solent Partners, we have a business plan to cover the upcoming weeks, months and years. Find out more about our plans by downloading our Business Plan.

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