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At Solent Partners, we strive to be a nationally-leading partnership that brings together the best and the brightest industry minds from across the Solent area. Our partnership with businesses and institutions in the area has the aim of promoting our collective prosperity and sustainability as we work to grow the Solent economy.

Our strategy for the growth of the Solent area is called Solent 2050 and this is the approach that guides and informs everything we do and will be doing over the coming months and years. Our work in the area is designed to align all of our members and do everything we can to make the most of the talent and strength on offer.

We have five key Strategic Objectives that provide the framework for how we will achieve our Solent 2050 vision.

These five Objectives are as follows:

Connect, Advocate, Lead, Collaborate, Deliver.

We have outlined exactly how we will achieve these Strategic Objectives in our Corporate Plan, which is available for download using the button below.

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Solent 2050

Solent 2050 is the plan that aligns our members, and invigorates us
to make the most of our region’s strengths.

Together, we know we can resource and deliver an ambitious, innovative local economy while at the same time driving a green recovery. It’s vital that we protect our region’s natural capital.

We all want to prosper in a more sustainable world.

Solent 2050 is the long-term strategy that guides our work. It’s the Solent Partners’ plan to unleash our region’s distinctive strengths.

We want to showcase our energy, expertise and enthusiasm – use it to empower our local economy – and, in turn, increase regional productivity and ensure sustainability remains a focus.

Solent 2050 is geared to economic prosperity, and enables our region to provide opportunities for all.

  • 15,000

    Annual business engagements

  • 850

    Members in the Maritime UK Solent network

  • 100

    Members of The Solent Cluster

Strategic Objectives of Solent Partners

Our strategic objectives underpin how we will achieve the strategy laid out in our Solent 2050 plan, these are:


We connect organisations across the private, public, education, research, and third sectors. We convene Solent businesses and industry with national government and partners across the UK and internationally.


We champion and showcase the Solent’s excellence on the regional, national and international stage. We evidence our economic opportunities and challenges to make the case for investment and intervention.


We provide independent, business-led, strategic economic and sector leadership for the Solent, through ongoing, evidence-based strategic economic planning.


We collaborate and engage widely with business and industry to ensure our strategy and programmes are current and impactful, and that our partnerships are inclusive and reflective of the Solent economy.


We deliver programmes to grow the Solent economy, support businesses, spark innovation, develop talent, promote NetZero, encourage inward investment, and grow our sector strengths.

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